Dana Samuel, Director InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Toronto, Canada

ALTERNE Alternative Realities in Networked Environments
The ALTERNE project is a platform supporting the development of digital, interactive and participatory artistic activities involving mixed and virtual reality. The aim of ALTERNE's technical development is to extend current techniques to support the more advanced experimentations required by the process of artistic creation e.g. causality, relations between time and space, alternative laws of physics, alternative life forms, etc.

Le Centre de recherche et de documentation de la Fondation Daniel Langlois
Accédez à sa base de données en ligne:

Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et Techno-Sciences
L'OLATS vous propose ici une base de ressources inédite en matière d'art et technosciences : dictionnaire, guide, sélection d'oeuvres majeures, de sites incontournables, de concepts émergents.

For the development of interdisciplinary projects and promotion of international collaborations, the Center for Art and Media has manifold resources at its disposal: the Museum for Contemporary Art, the Media Museum, the Institute for Visual Media, the Institute for Music and Acoustics and two new departments - the Institute for Basic Research and the Institute for Web Developments.

MIT Media Laboratory Research
The MIT Media Laboratory occupies a unique position in the rapidly evolving landscape of new media and information technologies. It was founded by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte and the late Jerome Wiesner (former science adviser to President John F. Kennedy and former president of MIT), who foresaw the coming convergence of computing, publishing, and broadcast, fueled by changes in the communications industry. As this convergence accelerated, it spurred interconnected developments in the unusual range of disciplines that the Laboratory brought together, including cognition, electronic music, graphic design, video, and holography, as well as work in computation and human-machine interfaces.

Festival steirischerbst
The steirischer herbst the Festival of New Art  For more than thirty years, the steirischer herbst has been reinventing itself constantly. As a forum for composers and stage directors, authors, actors, musicians and painters, video artists, architects, designers and scholars. Who invite us to explore the present with them - and in doing so are always good for surprises, dissonances, and sometimes for shocks. In Graz and all over Styria, it is precisely such artistic projects which are created and presented, consciously reflecting the social transformations and radical breaks in which political sensitivity and the joy of complexity are intertwined.

Founded in September 1994, Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of the role that electronic music, in its myriad forms and technologies, plays in our world. Our mission is one of outreach and support: we aim to communicate knowledge of this field and its history to the public; and we aim to foster creativity and exploration within the global community of electronic musicians and artists.

Emissions ; concerts ; démonstration de CDRom et logiciels, interviews d'artistes, archives d'oeuvres musicales, agenda...

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