Industrial Research

Robin Mansell, Head of Department, Media@lse, London School of Economics, London, UK

Technical propositions made by industry of potential interest to practising artists.

Ada Wed
Ada web takes it name from Lady Augusta Ada Lovelace, the daughter of nineteenth century romantic poet Lord Baryron. Her detailed work on the Analytical Engine, a calculating machine designed by mathematician Charles Babbge earned her acclaim as author of the first computer program. She is credited with recognizing the distinction between the set of instructions used to operate the machine (software) and the machine itself (hardware). This visionary life, in which art and technology intertwine, exemplifies the spirit of adaweb.
NM2 - New millenium, new media
Nm2 is a collaborative research project which unites leading creative and technology experts from across Europe to address a great opportunity for businesses and consumers: how to develop compelling new media forms which take advantage of the unique characteristics of broadband networks. 

PEACHES (Panel of Experts on Arts, Culture and Humanities E-Support) will collect and review information on network requirements, performance and specific techniques (like sound, video and lighting setups) that are needed for collaborative performances over the network. Novel uses of networking technologies, like applications in the Arts and Humanities area that are not related to collaborative environments, are also of interest to the panel.