Artists Propositions

Robin Mansell, Head of Department, Media@lse, London School of Economics, London, UK

Resources and organisations available to artists for artistic collaborations with government and industry.

Bankrupcy in the Gift Economy: learning from the productive failures of NODE.London
Outline of a presentation by Saul Albert in Hamburg, 2006. A discussion of artist-led media networks based on a case study of Node.London.

Flixya - Share Everything

Started as a video sharing site in July of 2006, Flixya has grown from a dedicated and loyal member base (all through word of mouth) and has quickly evolved into a thriving social media community.
Flixya makes it fun and easy to share videos, photos and blogs. We thought, why stop there? So, we set out to offer a platform that changes the way people think about social networking and goes beyond video sharing.