Alok Nandi

Alok b. Nandi is an independent media writer/director and designer exploring narrative spaces in cross-media projects, in mixed-realities (virtual, augmented, telepresence), on internet, on site-specific installations. Background combines engineering and cinema studies.

In 1991-93, he has conceived/edited "Satyajit Ray at 70" and a series of exhibitions at Cannes Film Festival, London Film Festival,... and has directed/produced "Les voies de Tagore", with the vocalist Sharmila Roy. With a Japan Foundation fellowship in 1996, he directed the video "Tokyo Vignettes". He has been awarded for in 1997 (Prix de la Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia), has been selected for Imagina 2000 and 2002 ( and gave interventions and workshops in Porto 2001. He was multimedia director of Casterman (publisher a.o. of Tintin) from 1998 to 2002, as well as interactive creation director of Groupe Flammarion, Paris, from 2000 to 2002.

From interactive installations (Univers interactifs, Saline royale 2001; utHOPEia, Salzburg 2001; Panoptiques, ICHIM03 Ecole du Louvre Paris; Scénarios des Possibles, Pass Mons 2004-05; Sustainable Everyday Project, with Manzini-Jégou in D-Design, Centre Pompidou Paris 2005), he is now active with environment design and scenographies in sciences museums and exhibitions spaces (Ego.Geo.Graphies, 2004-05 alterne; BNGL:1943, Cinema Nova Brussels 2005; Jules Verne: savoir rèver, savoirs rèvés, 2005-06, Mons Mundaneum).

His writings appeared in publications about cinema, new media, design and he regularly speaks in conferences (Interactive Frictions 1999, LA; DAC 1999, Georgia Tech; DAC 2000, Bergen; CODE 2001, Cambridge, Art Sci 2002 in New York, ARCO03 in Madrid, Beauty of Collaboration at Banff, ECSITE 2003, Futur Anima 2005, ICHIM 2005, Le Fresnoy).
Jury Member (Film Festivals, New Media Europrix, FIFI, Belgium Communauté française, ...).

Guest lecturer in universities and professor (Fac. Univ. St-Louis, Leonardo Multimedia Master 1997-2003, Louvain la Neuve UCL COMU 2001-in progress).