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The outer world as a reflection of our inner world.

On the surface photography seems to represent the world around us, reflecting an uninvolved observer behind the camera. Some photographers take painful steps in trying to disengage their own point of view, while others do the opposite in seeking to show us what is important to them in the way they see it. This collaboration is interested in those individuals who make that deliberate step towards inviting us to see the world through their lens.

The project is a celebration of the eye that sees and is a platform for presenting photography as a point of view.  We all carry with us our own view of the world which we tend to project on everything we see. It is not everything we see that we want to “capture”; we make selections based on what we wish to “freeze” as a record or simply in order to share with others.  By framing a scene we construct it and what we chose to frame, as well as how we choose to depict this depends on what we actually want to say.  In this sense the notion of “reality” becomes elusive, as it is our own reality which we are expressing.  It is the idea that “every picture tells a story,” which often challenges our idea of reality and advances the "education of perception," what McLuhan saw as the role of the artist.

At its best photography is as much an interior process as it is concerned with external appearances, revealing the eye of the mind more involved with asking questions rather than supplying the answers.

The Eye Transposed invites photographers to participate in specific photographic network projects by visiing their sites which will be posted here as they develop.  They can also upload their work to The Eye Transposed site to express their interest in collaboration to other participants.  The pool of work can be seen by clicking on "SEE IMAGES" which is the dedicated general web site inviting photographers to show their images and propose online projects to and with the others.