The rest of George Quasha's contrbution to MARCEL TV is now available over the MARCEL site.  George's interview series on What is Art, What is Poetry, What is Music and other works can be viewed, full-screen, along with works of Woody and Steina Vasulka, as well as some early network events.

We have also posted a talk by Benoit Mandelbrot on Art and Fractals, a pilot program of the MARCEL project, Global Threads - a virtual faculty in art and science which we hope to produce regularly in the future.

MARCEL TV makes these works available, in collaboration with the artists, as a pedagogical resource for those interested in the history of the artistic use of the electronic media.  More work will be up-loaded in the weeks to come and will be announced.

We would like to find members interested in developing a database of materials on the works presented as an additional resource.  If you or your institution would be interested in participating in or even leading such an effort, please contact us.


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