MARCEL TV & the Vasulkas

MARCEL TV has now added several works of the Vasulkas to its existing list.  The site now contains 50 titles of Woody and Steina's work available for viewing and as a pedagogical resource.  We are now talking to Gary Hill and George Quasha about adding their work in the next month or so.  The work can be found under MARCEL TV, lower left-hand button on the website front page.

The present list lacks the completed data on each tape which will be added gradually as the site develops.

We are very interested in finding faculties interested in helping with this enormous undertaking.  We feel it is important to add a database of related texts to the online collection making it an even more useful tool.  If any of you are interested in participating, please let me know directly,

We are also working with the Institute for Research and Innovation at the Georges-Pompidou Center in Paris to add their annotation software, TimeLine, to the work on line,  This would eventually allow individuals or groups to annotate work of interest to them, either for themselves or sharing it with others.  When this service is available it will be announced here.

The uploading module for this service was built for MARCEL by DVLabs in the US and is operated by the University of Maine, Media Lab.  We wish to express our thanks to them.


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