The blogs within MARCEL have been activated.  As authorized members you have your own personal blog in the site.

In order to activate your blog, go to Blogs on the front page, horizontal tool bar, and click on "Post to my blog".  The log-in page will open if you are not already logged in.  This will open to your individual blog and you can post your comments.  Once your first comments are posted, your blog will be listed on the Blogs page as active.

Anyone using the site will have access to your entries.  Only other MARCEL members may comment.  This is to avoid spam and other less desirable material being posted there, humanly or robotically.  Other members' comments will be identified as such.  Feel free to blog in whatever language you wish.

RSS links can be made by other members wishing to remain in touch with one blog or another.

As the coordinator of the Members section of the site, I intend to use my blog to keep people informed about new members joining MARCEL.  I have already made the first entry.  If you are interested in knowing who has joined MARCEL you can make a RSS link to my blog.




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