MARCEL Mail-outs

We would like to bring to your attention the mail out possibilities available to you over MARCEL.  There are two categories, Projects and Jobs that lead to two mailing lists, MARCEL Members and MARCEL-Info.  The third category, Newsletters, goes out to the combined list.

The MARCEL-Members list is all those authorized to use the site.  MARCEL-Info is a list of people who requested to be informed of MARCEL activities.  People on that list do not have access to these services.  There are approximately 250 people on both lists.

The Projects mail-out is for proposing projects, events, conferences or any other interactive activity to other members of MARCEL.  Messages sent out under that category go out under your own email address.  The same is true for Jobs, that category being used to advertise a position that might be of interest to individual members of MARCEL.

Under all three categories there are two possibilities for sending out pertinent information to members, either going through your own ISP or through MARCEL, in both cases, under your own address.  Messages sent out under your address will not be automatically stored on the site.  Those going through MARCEL will be stored and displayed under the appropriate MARCEL heading.

This last service was added responding to a remark from Todd Margolis from UC San Diego that his personal gmail address would not permit such large mail-outs.  Going out through MARCEL solves this problem.

The mail-outs are currently indiscriminate going out to the entire lists.  We hope in the future to be able to break them down into categories, both professional and geographical, for better-targeted mail-outs.

All this is explained again on the opening page of each mail-out category.  If you have any questions, they can be sent by responding to this message.


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