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Daniel Langlois foundation's Center for Reserach and Documentation (CR+D)
Access its on-line database:

Adaweb is now an archive presenting the material produce between feb.1995 through march 1998.

Art dirt archive
The complete archives of the webcasts of Art Dirt, a weekly program hosted by G.H. Hovagimyan.

Art dirt
The complete archive of the web casts of art dirt, a wekly programm (a broadcast live via the internet) hosted by pionneering web design GH, who interviewed prominent and seminal artists, designers and pundits of net culture.

German organisation which publishes archive material and new performance projects by ASA members on the internet.

Axis Axis
is a UK based visual arts informative service and database. The site includes example of artists' database entries and a list of all artists represented.

Digital performance archive
The digital performance archive is a major research project documenting developments in the creative use of computer technologies in performance from the live theater and danse productions that incorporate digital media to cyberspace interactive dramas and webcasts.

EAT Archive of an online forum.


Etext archives
Archives de textes publies sur le web (E-ZINES...). a large assortment of electronic texts available. No search engine, open access.

Foundation Langlois

The future of the present Netcast archive 1998-1999

Irrational Listing de video d'artistes. Item

The image technology in museums and art galleries knowledges base,
an international searchable text and image information database detailing hypermedia publications and resources, primarily about the visual arts.

Let's entertain
The central theme of let's entertain revolves around the complx relationship between pleasure spectacle popular culture, and contemporary art... This international multidisciplinary exhibition feature work by 80 artists from 17 countries.

Metabody featuring stelac
This site is an abstract of the 1997-1999 CD rom, metabody from Cyborg to Symborg, an exploration of the human machine interface robotics, golems, automate and avatars featuring and archive of the work of Stelac.

Performance index
A swizz based documentation in progress containing staements and records from European performance artists and theoricians plus details of performance events and a forum section with documentation in english, french and german.

Performative art data service
National (UK) organisation based at the university of Glasgow which collects and promotes the use of digital data ressources to support research and teaching in the performative arts.

Rhizome art base
The rhizome art base is an online archive of internet art projects. The goal of the Rhizome art base is to preserve internet art rpojects for the future, and to provide a comprehensive resource for people who are interested in experiencing and learning more aboout internet art.

Operating term is stimulate. Art archive and collaborative rituals (formely OTIS)

Transmedia 2000
Archive des presentations des travaux multimedia programme pour le festival transmedeia 2000.

Universal Page

Universal page is pulsing, living monument commemorating no single individual or ideology but instead celebrating the global collective known as the world wide web. The universal page offers the world a once in a lifetime opportunity to join together in honoring our networked past, present and future as it boldly initiates our entry into the new millennium.

Uquam Dictionnaires des arts mediatiques

The aim of is to set up a geberal entrancepoint (portal) for people who are interested in the net art projects on one hand and to start the work of archiving like a virtual museum on the other hand.

Visual arts data service
Goal/mission-to build a searchable on line archive of digital resources for use by the visual arts community especially higher education for teaching, learning and research.-to establish and promote good practice in the creation, management and preservation of digital resources through and advisory, training and publications programme.

Walkerart Archive of technology art entertainment