MNM project realization Paris / Berlin / Dresden . additional partners wanted !


Friends and Partners !

maybe you have an idea concerning the following:

I am happy to announce that the MNM project (multichannel media installation / sculpture) which is an advanced follow up of the MindBox
media slot machine has finally found some support of Arcadi Paris and will be presented at Nemo festival.
Because the Paris funding is not able to offer the full requested budget MMN urgently needs an additional co-production partner / co-producer who is able to non-bureaucratically invest a low 4digit $$ €€ ££ sum and who is interested to obtain rights to show the piece at forthcoming venues. etc.

If interested see website and latest project description below.
Please contact for details

I would jump of joy to hear from you.

All the best
Christian Graupner   mob:+49(0)175 999 2908
tel:+49(0)30 536 586 70
Leuschnerdamm 19  D-10999 Berlin
skype: c_graupner

/CYNETART/ festival (14-20Nov /2013/) (still unconfirmed but most likely)
nov. 26th to 30th to Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, opening on nov. 26th
dec. 7th to 14th to Théâtre Louis Aragon, Tremblay en France, opening dec. 7th

From our last ( successful) funding application : MNM making of movie (french voice over)
Festival trailer : ( don't take too serious)
MNM Website :


1.1 introduction

MNM is a triple channel audio-visual system of C. Graupner's H.RP [Humatic Re-Performing ] series. HRP concepts and technologies allow visitors' access to pre-recorded music & dance. The spectator is invited ( but not obliged) to control the flow of audio visual media concert by using easy-to-learn and attractive physical interfaces. He selects the degree of his involvement and can change his role from observer to player to co-performer at any time, or can take over complete control of the system and play it as a musical instrument.

2.1 Artists & Performance

MNM portrays two artist in their sound- and body performances: DJ Mieko Suzuki and dancer Ming Poon. Both work with canonic voices beyond beatboxing. Mieko Suzuki performs her scratching,mixing and cross-fading, behind a life size transparent touch screen instrument which emphasizes the physical barrier and the connecting element between her and visitor. Ming Poon interacts with the (screen) format and turns the golden framed image borders into a percussion instrument.

2.3 Materiality / Musicality
Allowing glass & frame to be a contend defined element of the performances underlines the sculptural character of the MNM installation.
The man machine interaction not only between visitor and digital system but as well in between multiplied digital performers gets into foreground following one common aim : the creation of unique music. MNM becomes a humanoid drum machine and an expressive movement- & sound- sequencer making use of the magic of the loop in combination with evolving cluster generation ….while offering permanent user access.

2.4 Choreography

Working as a choreographer for MNM, Phuong Nguyen first I was confronted with challenges like:How to create material for an unpredictable situation and to find linear sequences for a non-linear outcome. How to embed sound and rhythmic patterns into movement to provide space for the users´ interaction and to establish a playful dialogue between performer and audience.

MNM functions as a choreographic machine. Its reconstructing and de-constructing is equal to choreographic processes, but furthermore MNM helps to enrich the spectrum of re-interpretation.

It turned out,to create content for this kind of re-performance requires the most possible discipline and precision in building a vocabulary of movements and sound gestures.

2.5 Target Group
Earlier H_RP works have been presented at international media festivals targeting media & dance experts but as well laymen of all ages and social groups . In museums teenagers had their fun operating the previous work MindBox. In best case MNM could find its place in a sophisticated art & design gambling casino !

2.6 Auto generation & control interface
'MNM' autonomously generates always new visual and musical clusters, which can be influenced and re-composed by operating push buttons, levers and a turn table interface...targeting direct (body) contact between visitor and video-performer.

2.7 The employment of the arm of a Japanese Lucky Cat , a turntable, a classical golden triptych frame, a coin insert and other elements turn the work into a kind of Post -POP sculpture.

It is left out to explain this Re-Mix of several Ready-Mades as an art - or sociocritical exploration, but the work intends to trigger visitor’s contradictory emotions.

2.81 One Armed Bandit
MNM is a further development of the earlier H_RP work the media slot machine MindBox … A so called one-armed -bandit appears as an apparatus which re-embodies the complex audio-visual processes not only as a metaphor for a loop-& random generation but as well as an adrenalin catapult creating addictive sequences of good & bad luck.

2.9 (Machine's) Own Movements
The MNM machine's own movements, its waving arm and turning table are synchronized to the rhythm of the soundtrack and help to explain the auto generative media-action while the fact that audience can interrupt and take over control of the arm and wheel is an invitation to man <>machine collaboration.

4.2 Further Background & Goals

MNM wants to preserve performative content in a new method with certainly richer aspects than in a classical documentation .The non linear re-composition and the visitors' access offer a higher level of immediacy and directness in experiencing an earlier recorded performance. The pure technical processes fade into background. Haptic interfacing supports the musical dialogue by installing a balance between playing and being played, moving and be moved.

5. 4 Exploring abstraction

Partly the video aesthetics may shift onto more abstract level. A method has been found where two performative activities melt to create one distorted body image reminding at weird ghostlike grimaces and in other moments at cubist paintings.

5.5 Collaborations

MNM production is a long term collaboration. A prototype can be presented at Humatic Studio Berlin. The finalisation incl. realisation of the sculptural interface is planned to happen in a fair partnership with Arcardi, Paris , TMA Hellerau / Cynet Art Dresden and others.