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Jean Gagnon, General Director Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science & Technology Montreal, Canada Corespondent: Joel Chabade, Electronic Music Foundation, Albany, NY, USA

Music Sound Arts Electric Electronic Music Foundation
A worldwide calendar of new music and media art

Altzero is a series of online 3D interactive digital environment that explore the possibilities of multiuser sound based environment, online and offline.

Center for the new music and audio technologies

// e-lab electronic art and media center

Xchange network : exploring the acoustic dimensions of the net.

Glasbead is a multiuser persistant collaborative musical interface allowing players to manipulated and exchange sound sample files and create a myriad of soundscapes and rythmic musical sequences.

Greyworld is a group of artists who work with sound. 'Our work finds expression through the medium of installation, sculpture and multiples. Our work focuses on the integration of sound in public environments, the merging of their work not only with existing architectute but also with everyday situations and fully fonctional surrounding.'

Heiner Goebbels
Artist homepage.

Kasper T Toeplitz


L'audible is a site dedicated to the development of audio culture in australasia.

Laurie Anderson
Artists homepage.

Display of sound + music links.

Article descriptif sur un instrument/invention produisant du son par l'action du corps dans un espace physique.Sensors.

Once upon a forest
Music site

Seance d'ecoute
(web zone)

Sensor band 3 artist collaboration home page


The studio for electro-instumental music is the only independant live electronic musique center.

Wiggle Music band on line