London School of Economics & Political Science

Evolution of an online high-bandwidth network: the MARCEL Observatory

Part of the EDS Innovation Research Programme. Professor Robin Mansell is co-Director with Professors John van Reenan (Economics) and Patrick Dunleavy (Government) of this programme which is a collaboration between EDS and LSE. The contribution of the Media and Communications Department to this programme is on issues concerning the evolution of an artist’s online high-bandwidth network .This is the largest research component. From October 2005 Frédérik Lesage, supervised by Robin Mansell with input from Don Foresta, independent consultant, is funded to undertake his PhD research in this area.

This project involves an ethnographic study of the creation and development of an innovative and globally extensive, online, high-bandwidth network of artists, scientists, educationalists and industry (MARCEL - Multimedia Art Research Centres and Electronic Laboratories). MARCEL's aim is to develop new forms of interaction, creativity and pedagogy. The study will examine the ways in which a new organisational form devoted to innovation and creativity online emerges and becomes (or does not become) effective. The results and findings will be useful to industry and policy-makers for the development of other initiatives using very high-bandwidth means of communication.