Literature & Poetry


Jean Gagnon, General Director Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science & Technology Montreal, Canada Corespondent: Joel Chabade, Electronic Music Foundation, Albany, NY, USA

A text and sound work.

The alt-X online publishing network
Where the digerati meet the liberati.

ASEUVA hypertexts 
"Our primacy objective, however, has been to learn about american cultures by simultanesly exploring the new technologies." Full hypertext (definition) texts which we have amplified, extended or enriched by linking them to other materials (text, graphics, audio, and/or video) that either re-contextualize them, place them back in the cultural context from which they originally rose, or comment on them from a contemporary perspective.

Beuys/logos : an hyper essay.

Blast has set up out to explore contemporary texts and images and their accompanying practices of reading, viewing and authoring.

The cyberspace, hypertext and critical theory web
Collection of interlinked material which by april 1998 has grown to include some 70 000 documents and images, began as an intermedia web that supported courses taught at Brown University.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is a project to copy books into electronic format.


It is about writing and researching and thinking about hypertext fiction.

Lines for a virtual TY/Opography
An electronic essay on artifice and information. Kirschenbaum's dissertation, a hypertext exploration of hypertext.
Hypertextural essay on hypertext and modernism.

NON-roman de Lucie de Boutiny

The valley of the shadow
An extensive educational site documenting 'the story of the civil war as seen by the people of two communities in the great valley of the united states.This project waves together the histories of these two places separated by a few hundred miles and the Mason-Dixon line.

Third design Projet litteraire en ligne.

Trip site
Some example of computer generated poetry.