mmmap, MARCEL Multi-Media Art Platform

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This project, under the designation MaP, Multicasting art Platform, a programme building a high bandwidth interactive multicasting platform for art, science and education, was submitted to the European Commission in January 2015, H2020-EINFRA-2015-1.  The project was refused but is continuing at the national level in various countries.  The French version presented here can be seen in more detail at,

In order to function correctly with all forms of artistic expression over the high bandwidth network, an important level of technical development in multi-site connections is essential in order to make the network space operate effectively as a space for art.

Since the creative mode operating over the network is interactivity, it is useful to examine the art forms already interactive by nature, the performing arts.  In music, dance and theatre interactivity takes place between the players themselves as well as with the audience.  They therefore give us a first important look at the improvements necessary for the network space to become a performance space adapted to those artistic disciplines.

The ideal in collaborating with the performing arts is complete communication between all players,functioning together over distance in the virtual space of the very high bandwidth network with an online public.

A first group has been created in France -, to build a better mulitcasting platform for artistic experimentation and production with the addition of tools for sound and image manipulation in real time.  The group is pursuing combining existing multicasting technologies with other programming tools to achieve that end.

Our long-term goal is to create since groups in each country and connect them and to build international ateliers to begin the kind of experimentation necessary to occupy the high bandwidth network with art.  Another group is being created in the UK.

President, Don Foresta, MARCEL

Treasurer, Phiippe d'Anfray, Aristote

Secretary, Jean-Marie Dallet, Université de Paris 8,  Slider Lab,

Secretary, Benoit Lahoz, L'ange Carasuelo