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Jean Gagnon, General Director Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science & Technology Montreal, Canada Corespondent: Joel Chabade, Electronic Music Foundation, Albany, NY, USA

Architects design in cyberspace and real space for the NYSE Presentation of a project (article)

The goal is to take the advantage of the internet to make architecture more connected and open minded by bringing together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines.

International database
An architectural theory and research portal hacking and cracking the architectural code.

The project works out a global comminucation concept in order to integrate new communication technologies into a sport event. Global event concept and scenography.

Copenhague substitute
Copenhague substitute is part of the exhibition « models of resisdance ». An interactive tour of utopian designs by various architects. Devised by Dellbruegge and De Molls.

Design for homes
Publishing, research, education, industry throught web site, print partner, e-mail, seminars, conferences, specialist, massmedia...It is a showcase for excellence in residential architecture, construction and planning.

Interactiev and immersive e-environementsEspace d'exposition, reflexion architecturale pour l'exposition mai 2000 encore...Brussel

Interactive evolutionary architecture by Julia Frazer and John Frazer. Ellipsis : An examination of the role of achitecture in the coming era of virtual reality, cyberspace and nano technology.
Veritable monde virtuel (agence virtuelle) realisant des projets en ligne, en 3D....

Greg Lynn Form
Design pratice involved in involving a formal language using surface modeling and rapid prototyfing techniques. Research into the design process.

Guggenheim virtual museum
The guggenheim virtual museum is a morphing structure that is constant flux.

I-skin virtual corporality between body, clothing archi cyborg and avatars the body in the electronic space.

Interactive and immersive interface for information bank on the internet. Project and theorical study for a collective cyberspace and interface design.

Laboratory foe architecture and urbanism, links theoric research LABa+u? to concrete worsk of coneption and realisations. Lab-au elaborates a 'hyperdesign' invetigating the implications of new technologies of communication and computation in production, conception as well as a spacial and social processes in order to conceive an architecturre able to integrate the new conditions of transmissible realities....

Liquid axis is an urban development project focusing on the central axis of Thessalonik. The project associate to the urban structure the notion of hypertext, in order to investigate the spacial and temporal mutation of the urban according to the implication of new technologies within the construct of space.

A collective effort focusing on soe 20 cities located in 5 continents, to identify the competitive advantage of each and to present the principal urban innovations that they are developping. This projecxt wil form the basis for the creation of a network of excellence that encourages inovation and the exchange of experience among participating cities.

The telezone offers you the possibility of having a robot build architectonic structures construct a virtual model of your ideas with the construction tools on the telezone website and have your ideas turn to reality.

The architecture research institute
The architecture research institute