SurveilArt Project starts from CY


Surveillart is a word game that is putting Surveillance and art together. Thus, Surveillart project proposes to create an online installation from webcam feeds of art studios, as well as galleries across the Island of Cyprus. The project starts from Nicosia and it will spread across the island. Surveillart at first intends to bring “open studios” participants in old Nicosia to an online platform with the consent of the participating artists. Besides artists, Sureveilart aims to reach art galleries who might likely to participate the project as well. Once the exhibition phase completed, Surveliart webpage will be developed further to host all those artists as well as well as galleries across the island that would like to take part in the project. Thus, Surveilart will start to behave as a panoptic gaze over the art production and artistic participation processes across the island not only to bring people together to discuss how to work together further but also to create an access to all other people to learn about art and events taking place on the island.  In addition to all, Surveillart has a potential to establish online artistic production foundations for future generations through digital art experiments.   

That is why, Surveillart project does not only intend to bring Cypriot artists and galleries together to gaze each others activities, art production processes and their discussion around these art production, exhibition openings but also it intends to present the World the Cypriot art scene in general as one. This multi purpose web page starts with gazing the art and bringing them under one web page, and at the second stage it triggers artists and galleries to discuss the art making process while inviting wider public to participate this process to question, understand and become aware of artistic production in Cyprus. There on, Surveillart intents to bring the digital medium into Cypriot art to experiment and find a new terrain to discuss and produce art through proposed online feeds or artists experiments online digital mediums such as sound, light, videos... Furthermore, if it can be developed Surveillart will become an online mini modern art museum for Cyprus, which can exist virtually without placing itself neither side of the island but online.  


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